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The LEGACY IN BLACK Poster Collexion!

Just in time for Black History Month!

Five posters! Five powerful messages! Five pieces of art to prompt conversation  for Black History Month that are essential for you to have! This is the BLACK LEGACY Collection! These are the posters you want on the walls, of your school, office, community centre or library this Black History Month!

Order the whole collection today!

The BLACK LEGACY Collection features five posters focusing n different aspects of the Black experience worldwide! This collection is continually expanding and consists of posters featuring historic Black men,  Black women, rebellions during the enslavement of African people and a poster discussing who is indeed "The GOAT"!! slavery.

 Get this collection of posters to display to display at your school, work, community centre or home for Black History Month and beyond!

These posters are all 19 by 27 inches and shipped by expedited mail. Artwork created by Black artist Robert Small.

Celebrate a powerful LEGACY today!