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LEGACY Poster (1996): Freedom of the Storm

Ignite Conversations with "Freedom of The Storm" - Celebrate Black History Month!

Art fuels powerful debates, and our poster, "Freedom of The Storm," features men who've fought tirelessly for African-American rights. These heroes defied odds, rewrote history, and inspired societal change.

Featuring Abolitionist Frederick Douglass, leader Malcolm X, boxer Muhammad Ali, civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr., and Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad. Sized at 19” x 27”, double-sided in English and French, safely packaged, and professionally printed. Don't miss out on this masterpiece by Robert Small - order yours now and honor Black history!

Empower the Black community by ordering this poster today! It's a visual testament to resilience and empowerment. What messages do you see in this powerful image?