LEGACY: The Art Project

Elevate your space with the extraordinary "The Art Project" by LEGACY Enterprises, a tribute to the resilient women who follow in the historic footsteps of Viola Desmond. In 2018, Viola Desmond made history as the first Canadian woman to grace the $10 bill. Now, we celebrate her legacy alongside four other remarkable modern women who tirelessly champion causes greater than themselves.

Meet the inspiring Paulette Senior, the trailblazing Trey Anthony, the influential Delvina Bernard, and the empowering dbi.young anitafrika, all captured in this powerful poster. Images have the power to inspire, educate, and ignite change, making this poster an indispensable tool for children, youth, and adults alike.

Display this poster proudly and provide a visual reminder of the trailblazing women who continue to shape Canada's history. Let their stories empower the next generation. Don't miss the opportunity to own this piece of history – order yours today!