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LEGACY (2019): The 25th Anniversary!

Ignite the Spirit of Change with Our 25th Anniversary Black History Month Poster!

Change is a collective effort, and this poster embodies the power of community contributions to uplift the Black community and society as a whole. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of LEGACY posters featuring historic African-Canadians and global African figures, this poster pays homage to activists and leaders who've left an indelible mark.

Crafted by the talented Robert Small, these posters are not just aesthetic; they're catalysts for inspiring conversations. Order your poster today to grace your schools, colleges, or workplaces and join the commemoration of LEGACY's 25-year journey.

Featured personalities include community leader and educator Wade Smith, Ginelle Skerritt, Marci Ien, activist Dolly Williams, Spider Jones, and lawyer Charles Roach. Poster dimensions: 19” x 27”, double-sided in English and French. Safely packaged, professionally printed, and shipped via expedited post. Make history come alive—order your poster now!