Speaking Engagements on Black History

Speaking Engagements on Black History

Entrepreneur and artist for the historic LEGACY poster Robert Small provides three riveting 45-minute, interactive, multi-media presentations to schools, community organizations and businesses for Black History Month and throughout the whole year.

Black History Month Presentation

The first presentation focuses on Black History Month and appeals to all ages. The origin and importance of Black History Month are discussed as well as the historic achievements of African-Canadians/Americans. A multi-media presentation is shown focusing on past LEGACY posters created by Small as well as video clips on certain individuals.

STEAM Presentation

The second presentation focuses on STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts and math) and is primarily geared towards youth. This interactive session will focus on the importance of developing literacy among youth in these disciplines. Students will be given exercises from our STEAM activity booklets throughout the session and answer questions on our Alexa.

White Privilege in Pop Culture and the Media

Our third presentation focuses on White Privilege in Pop culture and in the media. This interactive session is geared towards adults, educators and youth. The concept of white privilege is discussed and how it affects our society. Examples of how white privilege permeates our society.

Black and Powerful

Our fourth presentation is specifically geared for a Black only audience, whether it be students or adults. The aim of this presentation is to provide a safe space for those of African descent to discuss, reflect, argue and point out how we can feel powerful in our everyday lives. Examples of how internalized racism has affected our perception of ourselves will be discussed and reach solutions to how to gain strength through daily adversity.