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Original Artwork

African-Canadian artist Robert Small is the most famous artist in Canadian history. That is claim that cam be validated by his constant presence in the press for over twenty years, the distribution of his artwork to thousands of  school boards across Canada and being the only African-Canadian artist to have his artwork featured in a national campaign by a national bank, not once but twice.Small has been successful in

Small's artwork has a far reach and affect in both physical and virtual spaces. When video clips of Small appear on social media, the views consistently top in the tens of thousands. Every year, Small's artwork has evolved, grown and continues to  impact society and generations to come. Small's artwork is not only a beautiful addition to anyone's home, but historically significant.  If you are an emerging or established collector of art, this is your opportunity to own a piece of history.

For the first time, the artwork of Robert Small featured in the historic LEGACY posters will be out on sale. These are originals, one of each so once the painting is out up on this website, the first individual or company who decides to make a purchase obtains one of these unique pieces.

Upon purchase the new owner of any piece will be asked to sign an agreement. The agreement will be that the ownership of any piece of art does not include reproductive rights. Those rights will remain with the artist and his estate.