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LEGACY 2024: Upton Allen


  1. Personal Impact of COVID-19 Research:

    • How do you think understanding host genetic susceptibility to COVID-19, as researched by Dr. Upton D. Allen, might affect your own generation and future generations? In what ways can this research contribute to shaping how we respond to pandemics in the future?
  2. Global Collaboration and Its Significance:

    • In today's interconnected world, how might international collaboration in scientific research, as seen in Dr. Allen's work on Epstein Barr virus and infectious diseases, influence the way young people view global challenges? How can collaborative efforts impact the course of history in the context of health crises?
  3. Social Media's Role in Disseminating Research:

    • Given the prevalence of social media, how do you think platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok can be utilized to share and discuss Dr. Allen's research findings on infectious diseases and COVID-19? How might this online engagement shape public awareness and influence historical narratives?
  4. Interactive Learning for Medical Understanding:

    • If there were interactive online modules or games explaining Dr. Allen's research, how could these tools make medical and scientific concepts more accessible and engaging for young learners? How might such interactive learning experiences contribute to a better-informed and health-conscious youth population?
  5. Recognizing Achievements in Health Sciences:

    • In the context of Dr. Allen receiving the Order of Ontario for his contributions to health sciences, how can acknowledging and celebrating achievements in infectious disease research inspire young people to pursue careers in science and medicine? How might such recognition impact the perception of these fields in history?


  1. Navigating a Pandemic:

    • Reflecting on Dr. Allen's research on host genetic susceptibility to COVID-19, how has the ongoing pandemic impacted your understanding of infectious diseases and your daily life? What changes in behavior or perspectives have you observed in your community during this time?
  2. Global Collaboration in the Age of Technology:

    • Dr. Allen emphasizes international collaboration in his work. In today's digital age, how do you think technology has facilitated global cooperation in scientific research? Can you provide examples of how technology has played a role in connecting researchers and sharing information during health crises?
  3. The Role of Social Media in Health Awareness:

    • Considering the prevalence of social media platforms, how can social media be a powerful tool in spreading awareness about infectious diseases and promoting healthy behaviors? What responsibilities come with sharing health information on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, and how can misinformation be addressed?
  4. Personal Responsibility for Health:

    • Dr. Allen's research involves understanding how our bodies respond to viruses. In what ways can individuals take personal responsibility for their health, especially during times of heightened health concerns? How does this sense of responsibility contribute to community well-being?
  5. Ethical Considerations in Scientific Research:

    • Dr. Allen's work involves studying genetic diversity and its impact on health outcomes. From an ethical standpoint, what considerations should researchers keep in mind when working with genetic information? How can advancements in genetics be balanced with privacy concerns and potential societal impacts?


  1. Comic Strip Adventure:

    • Imagine creating a comic strip adventure that follows Dr. Upton D. Allen on a mission to understand viruses. How would you illustrate his journey, and what challenges might he face? How could you make the comic strip both fun and educational for kids your age?
  2. Healthy Habits Challenge:

    • Dr. Allen's research helps us understand how our bodies fight off diseases. Can you design a "Healthy Habits Challenge" for your classmates? What activities or tips would you include to encourage everyone to stay healthy and strong?
  3. Science Explorer Diary:

    • Pretend you're a science explorer like Dr. Allen, and create a diary of your own "scientific discoveries" about viruses and how our bodies protect us. What fascinating things would you write about, and how would you explain them to your friends in a simple and fun way?
  4. Interview a Health Hero:

    • Reach out to a local health hero, such as a doctor, nurse, or community health worker, and conduct a simple interview. What questions would you ask about their experiences in helping people stay healthy? How can you share their stories with your classmates?
  5. Healthy Recipe Challenge:

    • Dr. Allen's work is about keeping us healthy. Can you organize a "Healthy Recipe Challenge" where students come up with tasty and nutritious recipes? How would you encourage your friends to participate, and what kind of delicious and healthy meals could they create?