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LEGACY 2023: Entrepreneur Warren Salmon

Black excellence is a mindset, backed by continuous action that progresses the Black community. This definition clearly describes the mindset of Warren Salmon and his dedication to the Black community.

Thirty years ago, prior to anyone even thinking about Black history and technology, Salmon founded Black Board International (BBI). BBI is an online educational platform with content that features contributions of people of African descent. Salmon also founded First Fridays (FF), a monthly networking event for African-Canadians. FF has provided a venue for African-Canadians to be empowered in parts of Canada and internationally. In addition, Salmon co-founded the Ontario Alliance of Black School Educators, giving a voice to Black educators. Salmon has historically acted towards the benefit of the African-Canadian community in various ways unlike any other.


  1. What is the definition of Black excellence according to the passage?
  2. Who is Warren Salmon and what is his contribution to the Black community?
  3. When was Black Board International founded, and what is its purpose?
  4. What kind of content does Black Board International feature?
  5. What is First Fridays, and how has it benefited the African-Canadian community?
  6. What role did Warren Salmon play in the founding of the Ontario Alliance of Black School Educators?
  7. How has Warren Salmon acted towards the benefit of the African-Canadian community?
  8. What sets Warren Salmon apart from others in terms of his dedication to the Black community?
  9. How has Black Board International helped progress the Black community?
  10. How can Warren Salmon's example inspire others to take action towards the benefit of their own communities?


  1. What are the main barriers to entry for Black entrepreneurs in Canada?
  2. How does access to funding and capital differ for Black entrepreneurs compared to their non-Black counterparts?
  3. What impact do systemic racism and discrimination have on the success of Black-owned businesses in Canada?
  4. How can the Canadian government and private sector support the growth of Black-owned businesses?
  5. What role do mentorship and networking play in the success of Black entrepreneurs in Canada?
  6. How does the lack of diversity in venture capital and angel investing affect the success of Black-led startups in Canada?
  7. How can Black entrepreneurs in Canada build a strong and sustainable customer base?
  8. What steps can be taken to increase the visibility and representation of Black-owned businesses in mainstream media?
  9. How can Black entrepreneurs in Canada leverage technology and digital platforms to grow their businesses?
  10. What are some effective strategies for Black entrepreneurs in Canada to overcome discrimination and bias in the workplace?
  11. What is your definition of “Black excellence”?
  12. Describe the mindset needed to become an example of Black excellence?
  13. How do Black entrepreneurs directly help to uplift the community? What more could they do?