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The Ultimate Collexion II (37 various posters)

Introducing The Ultimate Collexion II – a comprehensive resource designed to infuse your school, institution, or workplace with the vibrant tapestry of Black, Women's, and Asian history. With an array of meticulously crafted posters, this collection is more than just a purchase; it's a transformative addition to your space, celebrating the diverse heritage of Canada.

Imagine adorning your walls with twenty-five captivating posters spotlighting the narratives of African-Canadians, shedding light on their invaluable contributions. Explore the global African experience through five compelling posters, delving into the rich tapestry of cultures and histories worldwide. Dive into the depths of Women's history in Canada with four thought-provoking posters, honoring the trailblazers who shaped the nation. And immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of Asian heritage with three striking posters, offering glimpses into the rich traditions and stories woven into the Canadian fabric.

Crafted by acclaimed artist and Order of Canada recipient, Robert Small, each poster is a masterpiece in its own right, embodying a deep reverence for the subjects they portray. Beyond mere decoration, these posters serve as catalysts for dialogue, education, and understanding, fostering an inclusive environment where every voice is heard and valued.

And the best part? By ordering the complete collection, you not only enrich your space but also save significantly. It's a win-win opportunity to embrace diversity while enjoying unmatched value.

Ordering is a breeze, and with our expedited shipping, you can expect your package to arrive promptly. Experience the convenience of delivery within 2 days in the Greater Toronto area and 3-4 days across Canada, ensuring that your space undergoes its transformation without delay.

Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your environment and honor the mosaic of Canadian culture. Order now and embark on a journey of discovery, enlightenment, and celebration. And if you're interested in exploring more, be sure to check out our Asian/Women's History package for a comprehensive view of our offerings.