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LEGACY: 20 Years!

Celebrate a Legacy of Dedication and Impact during and beyond Black History Month!- Experience is a profound testament to unwavering commitment, and those who have dedicated over two decades to their craft possess a wealth of wisdom and passion.

Our poster pays homage to such remarkable individuals, showcasing their enduring commitment to their respective fields. Among the featured luminaries are the versatile actor and comedian Kenny Robinson, the tireless labor activist Bromley Armstrong, the dedicated community activists Yvonne Atwell and Lynn Jones, and the trailblazing Police Chief Devon Clunis.

These individuals have not just excelled in their careers; they have left an indelible mark on the world. By displaying this poster, you're not only honoring their legacy but also drawing inspiration from their dedication and impact.

Add this poster to your collection and celebrate the extraordinary journeys of these seasoned professionals. Let their stories remind you that true dedication knows no bounds. Purchase now and proudly showcase this testament to commitment and achievement!

  • Dimensions: 19” x 27”
  • Double-sided: English and French
  • Safe packaging and professionally printed
  • Shipped via expedited post
  • Artwork by Robert Small