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STEAM Educational Activity Booklet (Class Download-$29.99)

Get ready for an educational adventure like no other! Our activity book is packed with engaging and exciting activities that will teach your students and children about science, technology, engineering, arts, and math - all while exploring the rich history of people of African descent from around the world.

Kids will have a blast with activities like a word scramble on the solar system featuring three African-American astronauts, a science-themed hashtag challenge, a word search on inventors, and a crossword puzzle focused on phone and laptop apps. Plus, they'll discover the fascinating contributions of famous women like Maya Angelou through a word/image activity on technological advancements.

But that's just the beginning! Our activity book also includes an online distance activity on the Congo and the continent of Africa, a word box and hands-on activity on engineering, and three whole pages of drawing activities focused on leadership, inspiration, and creating your own superhero.

Kids will love learning about Nelson Mandela through an Adrinka symbol activity and uncovering the groundbreaking achievements of the first African-American to earn a Phd in mathematics through a code key activity. And to top it all off, our activity book even includes lessons on financial literacy and the stock market.

Order now to give your students and children an exciting and comprehensive educational experience that they'll never forget!