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LEGACY 2022: Afrofuturism

"Step into the Bright Future of African Canadians with Our Inspiring Black History Month Poster!

This captivating poster radiates hope and celebrates the promising future of African Canadians. It showcases exceptional individuals who have not only made significant contributions but have also transformed their dreams into reality. Meet successful real estate mogul Isaac Olowolafe Jr. and passionate community activist Sharon Murdoch, among other remarkable figures, who have ignited a movement that's shaping the future of arts, science, and technology.

Place this poster in your schools to ignite the spirits of young minds. Let it inspire the next generation to both celebrate their heritage and become catalysts for a brighter tomorrow.

And, in the spirit of curiosity, delve into the fascinating world of Afrofuturism. Explore its influence in TV, movies, literature, and beyond. Discover a universe of creativity and imagination.

Featuring: Isaac Olowolafe Jr., Komi Olaf, Claudette McGowan, Dominique Dennery, Anan Xola Lololi, and Sharon Murdoch. Poster Dimensions: 19” x 27” Double-sided in English and French for versatility. Safely packaged and professionally printed, shipped via expedited post.

Don't miss the chance to own a piece of history that sparks inspiration and celebrates the incredible future of African Canadians. Buy now and be a part of this empowering journey!"