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LEGACY: Knights of Fire, Daze of Freedom

This poster art was created in 1997. It portrays the black “knights” who were people who courageously helped their community forge its freedom. Unlike stereotypically imagined knights who romantically save the damsel in distress, these knights saved their people with bravery and courage.

The people featured in the poster are abolitionist Mary Ann Shadd, reverend Captain William White, lawyer Delos Rogest Davis, freedom fighter Harriet Tubman, officer Peter Butler III, and journalist Kay Livingstone.

Order one today for your school and community centres to honour these men and women.

Question: What do you think the phrase “Daze of Freedom” means in relation to the existence of people of African descent during the 1900s?

  • Dimensions: 19” x 27”
  • Double-sided: English and French
  • Safe packaging and professionally printed
  • Shipped via expedited post
  • Artwork by Robert Small