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LEGACY 2023: Black Excellence

Unveil the brilliance of "Black Excellence" with the LEGACY poster for 2023! This vibrant masterpiece pays tribute to exceptional individuals whose impact knows no bounds:

  • Debbie Douglas, a national beacon in social services, continues to make outstanding contributions.
  • Karen Hudson, a shining star in Nova Scotia's educational realm, dedicates herself to empowering Black youth.
  • Warren Salmon, a stalwart in the Black community, excels in both business and education, leaving an indelible mark.
  • Kwame Delfish, a nationally and historically significant artist and graphic designer, enriches our cultural tapestry.

This bilingual, 19x27-inch, full-color poster is a visual feast for the senses. But it doesn't stop there – each profile features QR codes, connecting you to web pages teeming with thought-provoking questions. Ideal for educators, teachers, and anyone eager to delve into the depths of these incredible stories.

Bring home this celebration of excellence and fuel conversations that transcend borders. Own your piece of history today and join us in commemorating these remarkable individuals!

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