LEGACY (2020): When the hero is me!

You can be a hero, like them!

This edition of the LEGACY poster celebrates the heroines and heroes among us. With this edition, the LEGACY poster series crosses over the 100 people mark.

The heroes and heroines profiled on the 2020 poster are as follows:

Minnijean Brown-Trickey - part of the Little Rock nine and helped integrate the public school system in the United States and now a citizen of Canada.

Kike Ojo-Thompson - expert on equity and the founder and principal consultant of Kojo Institute.

Tony Smith, the first former resident of the Nova Scotia Home for Coloured Children to speak out publicly about the historical abuses that occurred there.

Joseph Seraphim Fortes - the city of Vancouver’s first official lifeguard.

Yvette Hélène Yende-Ashiri - a passionate and fierce advocate for women’s rights, social justice and positive change

Carl Nicholson - the Executive Director of the Catholic Centre for Immigrants (since 1994) and Executive Director of the Catholic Centre for Immigrants Foundation.

The poster is double-sided, bilingual, in full colour and 19*27 inches in size. It also includes a brief biography on each person. Each portrait is created with various artistic mediums (pencil drawing, pen and ink and oil paintings).

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The prices are: 1-100: $15, 101-200: $9, 300 or more: :$7