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We're Driving Full STEAM Ahead! (Download only-$4.99)

In five minutes, your child can be introduced to the brave new world that awaits them! We’re Driving Full STEAM Ahead!” is a fantastic activity booklet introducing early learners to science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) through famous and historical Black women!

Unlock the power of STEAM and celebrate the achievements of amazing Black women with our empowering activity book! Designed for learners of all ages, our book features fun and engaging exercises that explore various aspects of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math - all while highlighting the incredible accomplishments of Black women throughout history.

Inside, you'll find pages dedicated to Dr. Mae Jemison and the science of the solar system, Michelle Obama and healthy eating, Rosa Parks and technology, Coretta Scott-King and technology, Folorunsha Alakaji and engineering, Maya Angelou and artwork, Portia Lucretia Simpson-Miller and math, and Angela Davis and math through group counting.

Currently, our activity book is only available for download. Check out the examples of pages in the book to the side of this page, and purchase your personalized copy with just a few clicks. Within minutes, your copy will arrive in your email, ready for you to print and explore.

Order your copy today and inspire learners of all ages to explore the exciting world of STEAM while celebrating the incredible contributions of Black women throughout history.